How I can unlock my iPhone 5s

Nobody needs to know what unlocking means anymore, that’s because everybody’s already familiar with the procedure. It doesn’t need introduction, just the occasional assurance that everything’s going to be OK, that it’s not going to mess up your phone, and that it’s still going to give you the same speed and performance that it gave you since day 1.

But just a little bit of background.

To Unlock your iPhone is to remove the restrictions on the SIM that serves as the exclusive bond between the phone’s firmware and the carrier’s network.

Unlocking the iPhone 5s would mean that your device, which used to only work with one carrier, can now work on ANY network carrier. The process is done 2 ways: The software unlock, which is what specialists frequently use, and the hardware unlock, which can be a little bit trickier to do.

When you Unlock iPhone 5s through the software method, no tweaking is being made to the device’s firmware. It’s considered to be faster and safer to do.

The Hardware unlock takes just a little bit more time because of the trickiness in its procedure, and is also more expensive.

Are you sure you want to unlock your iPhone 5s?

Of course you want your phone fixed if you’re tired of the crappy signal, the crappy service, and the crappy way you’re being treated by its customer service. You’re also going to need to Unlock iPhone 5s IF you believe in the advantages of an unlocked phone.

But what exactly are these advantages we’re talking about?

The Perks of an unlocked iPhone 5s

Unlocking an iPhone 5s also unlocks the door to a whole new world of possibilities and freedom. And we’re not just making this up.

You have the freedom to change your cell phone provider if you want to. Don’t like the service? Having a hard time getting through to a loved one at 1am? No problem. Snap that SIM in half and get another one!

But on a more serious note, if it’s an emergency situation and the network is giving you a hard time calling someone important, whether you need to get help or just need to tell them you’re doing OK, an unlocked phone can be a Godsend.

Traveling overseas would also be less of a nuisance. No more need to subscribe to international roaming with sky-high rates. All you need to do is buy the local SIM and you’re back in business!

Another point. Because you no longer have a contract to bother with, there’s no more need for you to get all paranoid about instances wherein you ‘unknowingly’ breached something in your contract Oh, THAT fine print. And because there’s no contract, you get to save tons of money!

Well maybe NOT tons, but you still get to save a LOT. And guess what? There will be no more fear of any HIDDEN CHARGES.

Can you guess how much your carrier rakes in every year because of these ‘legal’ hidden charges they keep imposing on their subscribers? Neither can we, but we’re pretty sure they’re not mere pennies!

And should you want to put your phone on the market, you just might be surprised at how much you can sell it for. And it’s all because you had your iPhone 5s unlocked.

We cannot emphasize enough how much you need this. This is NOT a luxury. This is what you call being smart. So if you’re still not sure if you should Unlock iPhone 5s, now is the perfect time to make up your mind. You’ll thank yourself for it.

What would unlocking do to my iPhone 5s?

A lot of people in the US have already resorted to unlocking an iPhone 5s because of the convenience it brings them. But what would an iPhone 5s unlock do, ultimately? Will it change your settings? Erase what’s on your memory? Would it be harmful to its system, or bring permanent damage to its hardware?

Today we are going to find out what would happen if you unlock iPhone 5s, and discuss further if you even need it.

First, what does ‘to unlock the phone’ mean?

To unlock an iPhone 5s, or any phone for that matter, would mean that you will be removing the restrictions your phone has with a certain network.

Network carriers lock phones exclusively into their service with a contract that usually lasts one to two years to make sure lost revenue is earned back, due to subsidizing the cost of the phone.

The process of unlocking is done two ways:

Software unlock

Hardware unlock

When you do software unlock, the iPhone 5s is unlocked through a software, while hardware unlock does modification to the hardware. Most specialists use the former because it’s easier and quicker, while the latter can be a little bit more complicated, and also a bit more pricy.

Is unlocking safe?

Yes it is safe, and it is rare that something serious happens to the iPhone after it has been unlocked. Though there were a few times in the past that the settings were messed up, that usually can be fixed manually.

Some specialists unlock iPhone 5s after they jailbreak your phone. To jailbreak means to modify the iPhone firmware so unsigned code can gain access to files that Apple has made inaccessible to 3rd party software. This means you would be able to download other applications that are not available through the Apple app store.

If you only want to Unlock iPhone 5s, but not to be jailbroken, then there is absolutely no need to do that. However, some specialists are unable to unlock your phone without jailbreaking it first, but that doesn’t mean you no longer have any choice. There are plenty of specialists out there who can unlock your phone without having to touch your firmware, which is a much safer option.

Do I need to unlock my iPhone 5s?

Of course not. There is absolutely no need for you to feel the pressure. Most people leave their phone alonebut if you think you deserve more services, if you think you’re being charged and treated unfairly, if you’re tired of constantly having to call your cellular provider for complaints that never get resolved, then it might be time for you to have your iPhone 5s unlocked.

If you also do a lot of traveling, and are tired of the sky-high roaming rates you’re getting every time you turn on their service from another country, then you need to have your iPhone unlocked. Not only would it be cheaper, it would be less of a hassle for you, too.

So what would unlocking do to your iPhone? Make your phone more flexible and convenient, that’s what. Relax, it’s safe. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about having to Unlock iPhone 5s. It’s safe, it’s fast, and it’s cheap.

Unlock iPhone 5S to Remove Restrictions

Unlocking is a word that has become associated with iPhones. It was there when Apple launched its first iPhone and it is rampant even today with the latest iPhone 5S. Unlocking frees the customer from the vice like grip of the carrier and Apple as the lock is broken and the customer is free to use the SIM card of another carrier. If you have an iPhone 5S handset and not happy with the policies of Apple, you can become free through Unlock iPhone 5s.

Looking at Unlock iPhone 5s closely

But what is this unlock 5S that is being promised as a panacea for all the ills that you are facing as a customer of the carrier that has sold you the contract along with the iPhone? In the simplest of words, iPhone 5S unlock actually refers to the use of special software to force the iOS operating system of the device to accept changes that you want. If you have no knowledge of the iOS working principle and do not know how to Unlock iPhone 5s, it is better to stay away from trying this activity on your own. There are many people who would complete the procedure of unlocking iPhone 5S on your behalf.

Jailbreak iPhone 5S is another way to remove the restrictions imposed by Apple on you. But if you are interested in switching the carrier also, you have to go the full distance and unlock the iPhone 5S. You become free to download apps and other programs from the internet like your Android smartphone owning friends after unlocking your iPhone 5S. You also get the liberty to download and install themes and wallpapers so as to customize your device. Take a look at the following guide to unlock your iPhone 5S.It makes use of a tool that has become very popular these days.

Step1: Download the software from this website after matching it with your baseband

Step 2: Install it on your computer and unzip and place files in a folder

Step 3: Save the content of your phone on iTunes

Step 4: Using USB, connect the phone with your computer

Step 5: Click on Start inside the software

Step 6: Let the software perform unlocking

Step 7: Disconnect the phone once the procedure is over

Step 8: Reboot the phone and insert the SIM of new carrier

Step 9: Check for the signals of the new carrier and try to make a call

Step 10: Your iPhone has been unlocked if you see the signal bars and easily make the call

Unlock iPhone 5s without damaging the gadget

There have been many instances in the past where people have got their expensive devices bricked because of an error in following the procedure of unlock iPhone 5S. If you want to make sure that you get your phone unlocked in a safe and effective manner, you should give the responsibility of unlocking to an enterprise that has a well-established track record. You should not hesitate in paying a small fee to the expert who does it for you as you will get to reap the rewards of unlocking for a long time to come.

Unlocking Apple iPhones 5S/5C: How To Do It

In the trendy world Mobiles are used widely around the world and you can see it in variety of people hand since it has possible and latest services too. When you go with high-end models you have to know about their working sense as well as the problems occurring inside of it. Today lots of people have practiced the problems especially in iPhone 5s about unlocks. Many of you are doing the recovering process by eminent the technicians regarding Unlock iPhone 5S service. It is a good thing which is never let you to spoil your mobile parts which causes physical damage and even the scratches too. The very noticeable thing in that activity you never try to know about the unlocking techniques and not approaching service stations. For that fear may one of the reasons beyond repairing the iPhone which is highly efficient one in both price and the cost.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5C?

iphone 5cUnlocking the iPhone 5s is a very simple technique by downloading the compatible software through online store and keeping instructions listed in that. Most of you struggle to use these facilities to get immediate relief in phone recovery process. Instead of that you are lending hand of technicians not How to unlock iphone 5S? Internet is a mass store where you can get to know about tons of information related to your query by hitting its search option with your queries at free of cost. Follow the information directed by the top rated online stores to unlock your hot brand mobiles within less effort. Some of online stores may give you live guidance through video chats if you have enough facilities at your end. The unlocking software is 100% genuine and safe if you done it wisely and properly. Customize your iPhone based on your need through download necessary mobile applications from online store completely at free of cost like unlocking software.

How To Unlock iPhone 5S AT&T

at&t iphone 5s unlockPeople are hesitating to accept the solutions given by the popular online services for their expensive devices. There may be some sort of truth behind your believe but not all the software are fake entirely. And you can find best software with proper user guidelines which is already used by the people. Keep the rules strictly that are programmed by the technicians in online store to unlock your phone to devoid of unnecessary mistakes. Ensure with the model of your phone and the problems before the actions related to it.  Since most of these information are posted by the hackers or software experts by their regular experience for relevant problems.  Good research is needed before starting the tutorials mentioned in online store. So use best tips about the Unlock iPhone 5S through online and cut your burden as much you can. If you have some hassle with the free methods then buy the commercial unlock solution from the private solution providers. These are really worth than free methods and you can unlock your phone within few minutes for sure. The main advantage with the commercial providers is they are ready to give help at any time unlike free codes.

Work Faster With The Latest Unlock Iphone 5s Software

Each and Every time you go with the high-end applications or devices for your use it will be difficult to care them seriously. Once you have trouble with these things you are in need of one person who is well-versed in that field to recover your device. The fact is you can make it solve by knowing how to recover from it. Nowadays usage of apple products like iPhone, I Pad and iPod touch increased in around your locality since people are looking forward to branded life with the effect of cultural changes. It is appreciated one and at the same time you can notice that most of the iPhone users are struggled with the Unlock iPhone 5S problems commonly the reason behind that is little lack of awareness regarding those devices. Today Unlock iPhone 5S software are doing brilliant jobs to get-rid off from these issues on your own without depending third persons help for that you have to step forward to know about the working principles of these modern applications.

In earlier days people looking for experts in reputed shops specifically hosted for iPhone in your locality and you have to wait to settle with your phone until it get cleared. The ready-made software is easy to handle by yourself and in course they are coming with the user manuals to show you how to use it in proper way. Unlocking the iPhone 5S problems are already experienced by you so you never want to do the same by moving to the commercial shops to unlock your device. If you are looking for fresh and ready-made solution which is entirely free you can find them through internet since today lot of phone software are released day by day based on the usage and the problems occurred in the industry. Professional unlocking software is now becoming fame inside of the iPhone industry which is released with commercial purpose. Instead of free unlock an Apple iPhone 5S use this commercial versions will give constant support throughout your service warranty than the free phone software.

Through this you can do Jail breaking the iPhone along with the unlocking technique additionally commercial software are per-examined one by the experts. In online you cannot make sure that all the information are entirely correct and in reverse too. There will be some toughest task to pick best software which will match with your device in perfect and even single mistake will cause series issues. Some of the iPhone unlock tool-kits are now available to freeing your iPhone within single click and it is extremely easy to work with your 32 bit windows systems. You can get as many good software based on your interest and the facilities that will help you to work free in nature but you have to clear with the aspects of software that are going to used by you. If you would like to try commercial Unlock iPhone 5S software then it will be very easy to select them by using the price codes that are mentioned in their stores from your home itself.

Make easy to unlock your own iphone 4s!!

If you want to get connected with your acquaintances, a wonderful solution has come to serve you. Mobile phone is that exact wonderful solution for the people to stay connected. Mobiles are becoming indispensible through world wide as they are the wireless mode of communication. Portability has made mobile phones to reach the universe irrespective of any discrimination. Persons without mobile phones are found to be helpless at the time of emergency. Features of these hand held devices are highly appreciable as they aim at the welfare of the customers to a greater extent. Mobile phones with advanced features not only satisfy the aim of communication with the people but also help them to have many kinds of advantages in various fields. Due to the increasing needs for the applications, smart phones have been replaced with iphones. Apple Inc. is the producer of iphones and has launched nearly 6 generations of iphones so far.
Iphone 4S is a king of all other smart phones and it would be the best choice for anyone who is ready to upgrade. Apple has played well in the smart phone wars again with this wonderful model. Various advanced features are incorporated in the iphones. For instance, an iphone can shoot a video though it is not in a standard quality. Many online services provide different softwares to unlock iphone 4s and those online services must be reliable to have the unlocking facility in the iphone 4s. Normally, phone locks has been made essential for the smart phones as they work on touches. Therefore, locking and unlocking feature is a major criterion for the smart phones.
These smart phones are developed with various benefits of iphone 5 and have been launched in the market with a royal appearance. These smart phones work with multi touch screen along with 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE cellular connectivity. Now-a-days, software with virus flooded programs is widely found in the market and therefore it is necessary to have the virus free iphone unlocking software to get installed into the iphones. Various software programs are available to handle the iphone with complete safety. Here, some of the tips are provided to unlock iphone 4s.
They are,
‘ Unlockjailbreaking tool is widely preferred to unlock various versions of iphones. This program is very easy to use and can be installed into the iphones 100% automatically.
‘ After choosing the unlocking software according to the compatibility of the iphones, proper installation is important.
‘ User must get logged in to the website through iphone 4S to conform launching the software into the phones.
‘ The launched software must get downloaded from the member area by the users.
‘ The tool is highly preferred to unlock iphone 4s in a highly safe and legal manner.
‘ Users must follow the installation wizard to have proper installation after opening up the software that has been launched into the phone.
‘ Installation of the corresponding software will take only few minutes to complete the process.
‘ Once the installation is completed, users can confirm that they have followed the right procedures to unlock iphone 4s. Now the iphone has been officially unlocked.
Unlocking an iphone mainly helps the users to enjoy various applications through these smart phones. Following are some of the apps that could be obtained through iphone 4s after unlocking it are,
‘ Free installation of themes and applications can be made possible
‘ After official unlocking, the value of the iphones will get increased automatically
‘ Users can get access to new softwares and increased downloads in the iphone 4s
‘ Much more funny apps can be freely obtained after unlocking process
‘ People can have free wallpapers, themes, ringtones and these features can be made possible only after the installation of specific software to unlock iphone 4s.
‘ More than thousands of games can be played by the users freely in the iphone 4s
‘ Any kind of cell carrier networks and GSM cards in the world can be used in the phones
Once if the iphones are completely unlocked, the phones will work perfectly well. Users can enjoy wifi facility along with video calling in 3G networks. Several advances have been incorporated into the iphone 4s especially in the field of entertainment to make the customers to get satisfied fully. Get trendy iphones and enjoy all the iphone facilities after legal unlocking of the iphones. Different user friendly unlocking tools are available to unlock iphone 4s in a successful manner.

The Only Solution To Unlock Your iPhone 5 Permanently To Work On GSM

Without a doubt, iPhone has become a phenomenon in the Smartphone world. At least each year, Apple keeps updating the iPhone with a new model as well as firmware. Many people want to keep up with these updates so that they can enjoy all the benefits that the gadget offers. One of the new updates is iPhone 5. Since it is quite costly, many opt to purchase the locked version through a network carrier and unlock it on their own. The only safe option to unlock iphone 5 is to use the factory unlock services from licensed operators.

Why use the factory unlock

Many licensed operators unlock your iPhone 5 officially via iTunes. Once this process is complete, your iPhone is permanently unlocked. This means you will not have to unlock it every time you update your firmware. Once you factory unlock your gadget, it will register as unlocked in the Apple database. It will be as if you bought the phone unlocked. The process is 100% legal and it will not get you into any trouble with the law. Perhaps the biggest advantage of unlocking the gadget using legal means is that you will not void your Apple warranty. You can take your gadget to any Apple store to get it repaired if it has any problems.

Factory unlock does uses your IMEI number to unlocking your iPhone 5 through iTunes. It does not involve jailbreaking or software unlocking. These two processes are only temporary and can ruin your phone permanently. Regardless of the firmware your gadget is sing, as long as the factory unlock service you use is able to unlock your network carrier, you can be able to unlock it. Choose a service that will return 100% of your money if the unlock does not work. However, you have to use a network that is compatible with your iPhone 5 once unlocked.

The main requirements for factory unlock

Before the experts can be able to unlock your phone permanently using legal means, you must take several steps to make the process possible. Of course, you need to backup all your data and files prior to contacting the service. You must meet the following basic requirements:

‘ Make certain that the original network carrier has activated your network at least once
‘ The unlocking service list your network carrier in their unlocking service
‘ Your IMEI number must not be blacklisted, stolen or barred

Enjoy the benefits

Once you factory unlock your iPhone, you will be able to use different SIM cards within GSM carriers in your phone. You do not require any cables, complicated software or a long list of instructions to perform the process. You will not risk destroying your phone with factory unlock method. You will be able to access apps to make your user experience much more amazing than it is already. You will enjoy low call rates and roaming fees, and you will not lose your benefits from Apple such as your warranty.

Be Free, Safe And Save Some Cash – How To Jail Break Iphone3gs

Apple has, over the years been one of the best smartphone manufacturers the world has ever seen. True to this word, it has represented the new age smartphone revolution with breath-taking designs for handsets. The world has seen many of the iphone brands being unveiled, from the iphone 3G all the way to the iphone 6.1 and so on. Of course, we expect more and more to be unveiled. However, we all know the restrictions that come with acquiring a new iphone. Any rational thinker will realize the need to jailbreak his/her new smartphone. Take for example the iphone 3GS. This new gadget is an assistant in the office and at home like no other ‘ well, unless you jailbreak the phone. First things first though ‘ what exactly is jailbreaking the iphone 3GS, and what is jailbreaking anyway?

Generally, to jail break iphone 3GS means, hacking it.The iPhone 3GS is a touch-screen smart-phone made and sold by the Apple Inc. It was invented after the iphone3G. It is much more improved than the iPhone 3G in terms of performance. Its camera has a higher resolution and video. Six European countries, Canada, U.S, Australia and Japan released it.

The user’s fingers on a multi-touch display operate it. It runs the Apples iOS operating system. It can play music, shoot a video, send and receive email, play games, for reference, take photos and so much more functions. It is expensive in terms of prices than the common phones. Its production and release continued until the release of the new iphone5. However, you can still know to jailbreak iphone 3GS by following this procedure:

Tips on how to jailbreak iPhone 3GS

‘ Download the redsn0w save it in the folder you have created, name it Danto.

‘ Click on the redsn0w zip file twice in quick succession, produce and get its application. Get to the redsn0w folder and proceed by launching its application.

‘ Turn to jailbreak button, and then click on it.

‘ Plug your iPhone to the computer, ensuring that it is off. Follow step-by-step the procedure and then click on the next button to get to the screen that follows.

‘ Put your iPhone touch in a UDF mode. Wait for a while.

‘ Move to your iPhone, hold its power button and wait for a few seconds.

‘ At the same time, get to its home button, hold it and keep the two, (power and home buttons) pressed for at least ten seconds.

‘ Keep pressing its home button after releasing its power button until the redsn0w detects the device.

‘ Release the home button as the redsn0w begins preparing information for the jailbreak.

‘ Select the Cydia and select the next button to continue.

‘ The iPhone will reboot again and the redsn0w will start uploading the new ram disc and kernel.

‘ Wait for information notifying you the completion of your jailbreak process. Click the OK button and then the Quick one to exit application. You will have completed a jailbreak process to your iPhone 3G.

Jailbreak iphone 3GS process is quite tough and takes a lot of time for one to succeed. This process is not much encouraged because of its adverse effects.

Jailbreak iPhone 3Gs And Get The Following

Jail breaking is a process that allows you to use apps that would normally not be available eon the Apple app store due to certain limitations. However, the features that come with the iPhone 3G may need to be modified and jail breaking is one of doing this. The below list shows some select apps that you will be able to get outside the Apple app store and what they do. The equivalent of the apple app store when you jail break your phone will be Cydia and the best thing about it is that the most of apps on it are free of charge.

These apps not only make your iPhone unique, they make it safer as you will see. In addition to the apps, you will see some of the new things you will get to do with your phone once you jail break it.

I Caught you

This is a program that allows you to trace the exact location of your phone should it be stolen. Apple usually gives a program that helps you trace the location of the device and it’s called Find My iPhone but it is not as developed as this jail broken one. This jail broken app uses the camera on the front of the iPhone to take a picture of the person with the phone and send the picture together with the location details and you can now trace your phone. The camera is activated the moment the person enters the wrong pass code.
The app comes in two versions, one being free and the ICaught Pro is paid for from the Cydia store. It has been said that to jailbreak your iPhone 3Gs is to get better phone security and with apps like these, it is clear to understand why.


If we began to outline the variety of games that are available at the Cydia store, we would have to spend the whole nigh here. It suffices to say that there are hundreds of games that can be downloaded free of charge at this store for play with jail broken iPhones. An example is MacMan and you will not find elsewhere other than at Cydia.


If you jailbreak iPhone 3Gs, you get access to a whole new world of fonts. Apple will give you just a few fonts for ruse with your Notes application but after jail breaking the phone, you can increase them as you feel like. The best thing about the fonts is that they come free of charge and all you need is an internet connection to begin downloading them.

Icons on the iPhone

Most people settle with the 11 pages of icons that are offered in an original iPhone. After you have hit the 11 page limit, all new apps that you download will not be displayed and to launch them you will have to search for them. This changes when you jailbreak iPhone 3Gs as you get to buy an app that allows you to place as much icons as you want in a special icons folder. Why remain with only 11 pages, while you can add an app that gives you so much more?

Ways to Unlock the iPhone 4

When it comes to unlocking iPhone 4, there is no single way of doing so. In fact, there exists more than one way to unlock iPhone 4. Since past few months, the jailbreaking teams has revealed some ways to utilize a carrier locked iPhone 4 with other carriers without using the famous Ultrasn0w tool. Yes, there are other ways to achieve the same goal. So, let’s check out these methods of iPhone 4 unlocking.

The Ultrasn0w Method

In order to unlock the iPhone 4, Ultrasn0w 1.0.1 is the most famous tool used by several iPhone users. The tool is available for free to download and install, which means it is affordable as compared to the costly ways of unlocking. However, for this tool to work, it is required to first jailbreak the iPhone. Further, the tool works only for the baseband 01.59. This means that the tool does not support the basebands that range from 02.10.04 to 04.10.01. Furthermore, if you tend to update the firmware to the latest version, the unlock utility may get lost.

The IMEI Method

Each phone has a unique number called International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI that is made up of 15 digits. You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# or by navigating to Settings ? General ?About. To unlock the iPhone 4, you will have to give this unique number to your service provider who will then add it to the Apple’s white list. Now, you will have to sync the phone with iTunes after which the phone will get unlocked permanently. With this method, you need not worry about the future upgrades. But the price you pay for such unlock is really very high. However, it has been speculated that this method is now no longer on offer.

The AT&T Method

All those who have iPhone 4 locked with AT&T in the United States of America can get their phone unlocked officially by paying a significant termination fee or by keeping their account in good standing. Even this method to unlock the iPhone 4 needs the IMEI number, valid purchase proof, as well as the e-mail address. There are two ways to follow this official method: Either by calling the AT&T customer care center or by using the AT&T’s chat support page online.

The GEVEY SIM Method

In this method, you need to buy a genuine GEVEY SIM pack online, which comes with an interposer and a tray. The interposer is a circuit that holds the unlock program, while the tray is the holder of the interposer as well as of the micro SIM card. So, a hardware unlock procedure is used to unlock your phone wherein the interposer makes a call with a preset emergency number that a locked phone can entertain. After the call, the program contained in the interposer unlocks the phone. The pros of this method are that it does not require jailbreaking and works on all firmware and basebands. However, the cons are present in the form of fake SIMs and pricey SIMs.

The SAM Method

This is the easier and free alternative to GEVEY but works only on phone running basebands 04.11.08, 04.12.01 and former. However, jailbreaking is required for this method to work and that the unlock feature may get lost while updating the iTunes firmware!